Investment Philosophy

At Udine Wealth Management, we are growth investors.
We are extremely disciplined and focused in our investment system.

We seek superior companies in superior industries. We identify companies that have shown accelerating, consistent earnings and sales growth. We look for companies that consistently generate industry-leading profit margins and return on equity.


We only invest in the strongest, highest quality companies in the U.S. equity markets.

By design, our investment portfolio contains a limited number of equities. Although we are constantly analyzing the universe of U.S. securities using independent research and tools, we firmly believe in investing and being an “expert” in only a limited number of companies.

We feel that a focused investor is the best investor.
We do what we know and know what we do.

Our policy: we do not invest in Exotic Products, Foreign Markets, Derivatives, Options, Futures, Currencies, or Commodities. Our belief is that these investment alternatives are more volatile and risky and considerably speculative in nature.

However, in order to diversify and seek superior returns, our investment portfolio can include limited foreign exposure by investing in ETF (exchange traded funds) which trade in U.S. equity markets but are composed of foreign companies.

We use fundamental analysis to select the securities we invest in and technical analysis to determine the timing for purchasing and selling these investments. Our investment system also employs sound, non-emotional selling disciplines.

Market studies show that three out of four stocks follow the general market trend (uptrend or downtrend), in a downtrend, we pare down our equity investments and preserve our cash to be in a position to take full advantage of a possible market reversal. Our #1 rule is to protect our capital and cut our losses short. Our #2 rule is to see rule #1.

Our investment process begins with general market and macroeconomic analysis. Our macro views of the economy and markets influence our asset and sector allocations. We construct our portfolios, without exception, through the selection of individual equity securities that meet our growth criteria.

We search for growth through fundamental criteria, which include:

  • Market leaders
  • Consistent growth in sales, earnings and ROE
  • Strong management teams with substantial ownership in their company
  • Unique products or superior service
  • Strong institutional sponsorship
  • Superior industry groups