About Udine Wealth Management


Udine Wealth Management is an independent registered investment advisor licensed to provide discretionary portfolio management services to individual and institutional investors.

The Udine Wealth Management investment team is lead by our Chief Investment Officer, Scott R. Udine, an accomplished veteran of the financial services and money management industry for over thirty years. Mr. Udine is primarily focused on investing in the U.S. equity markets for his valued clients through both bull and bear markets.

Using his extensive investment experience during the past three decades, through good times and uncertain times, Mr. Udine has developed a keen understanding of the equity markets. He has developed a level of discipline and maturity rarely obtained in the investment arena.

Our Broader Understanding

Substantial business experience and market expertise have been the hallmarks of the Udine Wealth Management investment team since its founding and matches well with the complexity and wealth management needs of its clients.

The experience of our investment team both in the capital markets and as founders and officers of companies, both public and private, gives us a broader understanding of the dynamics and nuances of businesses.

Our investment team brings unique perspectives and valuable insights from years of experience in the capital markets as well as a deep understanding of the inner working of companies that we invest in. The combination of experience benefits both the Udine Wealth Management investment team and you as our “partners”.

Our experience from both sides of the table allows us to “read between lines” and “see around corners”.

In-Depth Analysis

With a tenacious pursuit of excellence and relentless work ethic, Udine Wealth Management delivers portfolio solutions for you that always seek superior returns.

By combining the best practices in fundamental analysis, technical analysis and in-depth understanding of the equity markets, Udine Wealth Management offers access to a level of sophistication typically available only to the largest institutions and wealthiest individuals.

As a client and a “partner” of ours, you will receive peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned money is in good hands leaving you free to pursue other businesses and/or passions. You can sleep well at night knowing that you made the right choice.

Your Financial Interest = Our Financial Interest.

WE INVEST WITH YOU. We invest our personal money alongside yours. We invest our money, our families’ money, and our friends’ money with your money.

We like it that way because we are outstanding at what we do.

When dealing with a traditional “stock broker”, he/she makes money by charging you commissions. He/she gets paid each time they transact whether you make money or lose. Their motivation to transact clearly creates a conflict of interest.

We do not make any of our compensation through transacting. We make a flat management fee based on the total value of your account. The more we grow your portfolio, the greater our compensation.

In addition, and most important, since we are investing alongside you, when you are successful, we are successful. Our interests are aligned. We “eat our own cooking”.